2018 Programme

2018 Aeolian Islands holidays

Aeolian Islands, declared World Heritage by Unesco in 2000, are defined as the seven pearls of the Mediterranean sea.

They are located off the North coast of Sicily, they have a Y – layout and they form a archipelago of seven islands – all of volcanic origin – each of them with different landscape scenarios. They are Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea e Stromboli.

Our starting base is Milazzo, that you can easily reach from Catania and Palermo by public buses, directly from airports (Giuntabus timetable). The following itinerary is approximate and it can vary without any notice for weather conditions or for captain’s unquestionable decisions, to guarantee guests’ safety.




  • 1st day

    We set off: everybody on board from 6 pm on Saturday. We are going to welcome you with an aperitif and Simona will show you your cabine. A briefing will be necessary before setting off: Danilo will show you all the rules to respect to enjoy your holiday (it’s the only boring part but fundamental for safety). Usually during the first night we have dinner at a typical home-restaurant,  where we will have a nice and pleasant chat.

  • 2nd day

    After breakfast on board, finally we will cast off the moorings and right outside the harbour we will hoist the sails! Destination Vulcano – route 297° distance 18 miles , in 3 hour sailing – we will get South of the island,  a village called Gelso, where we will leave the anchor and finally we will have our first dive in the deep blue of Tyrrhenian sea . After lunch, while digesting, we will head South of Lipari, at Vinci beach, where it will be possible to fish something for dinner.

  • 3rd day

    Heading 350° towards the Island of Lipari and exactly towards the white pumice beach. That sea branch has a breathtaking turquoise colour  and with the dinghy it will be possible to go and visit the old pumice cave ruins. Lipari is famous also for obsidian (typical magmatic-vitreous rock of effusive origin) and it is not difficult to find some along the beach. After lunch break our bow will head towards the VIP Aeolian island, Panarea. We will get to Baia Milazzese or to the village jetty where it’s possible to visit the little streets full of small shops. Panarea is famous for night life and it is not hard to find yourself as a VIP on holiday, ready for party night in the different discos of the islands.

  • 4th day

    Heading for Basiluzzo or Lisca Bianca(small rock situated about 2 miles North-East from Panarea, mainly made of rhyolite, bright mineral contrasting with the shiny black of obsidian), a deserted rock but great to have a swim after breakfast. After lunch we will go back sailing towards Stromboli and we will moor at North East. We will have the possibility to go hiking by night up to the crater for a breathtaking show, of course with volcanological guides: It is sufficient to be equipped with trainers and a flashlight. Stromboli is almost always in activity and watching the eruption that often reaches the sea from the Western part of the island is a unique experience.

  • 5th day

    Heading 240° we will get to Filicudi, about 30 navigation miles and more exactly to the little harbour of Pecorini. Lunch will be served during navigation. This Island is the most ancient of the archipelago from a geological point of view, it is not the most popular among tourists, but for many people it is certainly the most fascinating. In the evening it is possible to visit the small village – where usually “passito” is drunk as aperitif – divided in different areas connected through mule tracks. In the morning we will visit  la Canna, a rock formation about 34 metres high standing out from clear blue sea. Filicudi coasts are rich in small bays and beaches offering views of rare beauty.

  • 6th day

    After lunch we will leave Filicudi, and our bow will be headed towards Salina , precisely getting to Pollara, a bay between a marine arch and a small island called “Faraglione”. In this place many scenes of the famous film by Troisi “Il Postino” were taken. Among natural caves in winter some fishermen moor their small wooden boats. If the weather is good, it is possible to spend the night in the bay, or we will tour around the Island up to Santa Marina where we will choose if spending the night in the bay or at the marina. In any case with the dinghy it will be possible to reach Lingua, famous for Pane Cunzato.

  • 7th day

    After having breakfast and having a break for lunch and for some more dives into the cobalt blue of the archipelago, early in the afternoon we will be heading towards Milazzo, where we will moor at the harbour (arrival is expected around 7pm). This is the most melancholic day, when you will realise how fast time can go by on a sailing boat.

  • 8th day

    After having breakfast, we will say goodbye to our next adventure with Simona, Danilo and Time Out.


  • who is a sailing holiday for?

    Everybody! Also for those who have never been on a boat

  • what kind of suitcase and what to pack?

    Absolutely NOT rigid SUITCASES. Bags are ideal because they can be easily put in lockers. Usually, when we go on holiday, we are tempted to bring a lot of stuff with us, but on a sailing holiday you will need swimming costumes, some t-shirts or pareos, hiking books for excursions, shorts, a towel and a beach towel.

    Remember to bring a hat, sun cream, sunglasses and flip-flops.

  • Linen, and blankets?

    You will find everything on board, we will think about it!

  • Can we recharge mobile phones or computers or ipads?

    The boat is equipped with USB plugs, but honestly our hope is that this sailing holiday will give you the possibility to forget about technology and social networks; in any case, it is possible to recharge them, but always bearing in mind that energy is limited.



23/06 – 30/06 Starting from Milazzo € 700,00

30/6 – 7/7 Starting from Milazzo € 700,00


07/07 – 14/07 Starting from Milazzo € 850,00

14/07 – 21/07 Starting from Milazzo € 850,00

21/07 – 28/07 Starting from Milazzo € 850,00

28/07 – 4/08 Starting from Milazzo € 990,00


04/08 – 11/08 Starting from Milazzo € 990,00

11/08 – 18/08 Starting from Milazzo € 990,00

18/08 – 25/08 Starting from Milazzo € 990,00

25/08 – 01/09 Starting from Milazzo € 850,00


01/09 – 08/09 Starting from Milazzo € 850,00

08/09 – 15/09 Starting from Milazzo € 700,00

15/09 – 22/09 Starting from Milazzo € 700,00

What is included in the lump sum of 190 € per person:

  • Skipper
  • On board hostess
  • Provisions
  • Cooking service
  • Linen
  • Final cleaning
  • Gas
  • Dinghy
  • Outboard
  • Insurances

What is NOT included in the price:

  • Moorings at the marinas
  • Harbour or customs taxes (if due)
  • Fuel
  • Drinks (excluding water)

Payment methods:
Deposit of 50% of the sum to be paid with bank transfer at the moment in which the contract is signed.
Remaining 50% of the sum to be paid with bank transfer thirty days before the leaving date.

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