“Journeys are on the sea, by ships, not by trains. The horizon must be empty and must set the difference between sky and water. There must be nothing around and on top of it the immense must be found, only in this case it is a journey .”

Erri De Luca

When travelling by sea is also a tour of taste

We are in charge of everything. Before your arrival and letting us previously know about any possible intolerances, you will find the provisions ready on board. You will not have to think about anything, like carrying shopping bags under a boiling hot sun:  there will be immediately the welcoming and accommodation in the cabins,  and welcoming aperitif on board of Time Out.

Life experiences on sailing boat

Sailing is like practising a sport, first of all it’s necessary to have respect for the team. One of the most beautiful aspects of holidays shared with unknown people is the possibility to find new affinities, stronger than with anybody else ever met before. A sailing holiday is not only sustainable from an environmental point of view, but makes us aware and stimulates us to a more rational use of available resources. The sea and the wind are teachers of life, to pay attention to and follow. You are going to rediscover pleasure for the essential, joy for simple things and contact with nature.

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