Who we are


Sixteen meter boat for just 4 people, in double cabin with private bathroom:  a cruise on an exclusive boat. We will be in charge of sailing and cooking: breakfast with home-made jams; lunch and dinner on the cockpit – truly Sicilian style – in close contact with the sea, in a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Classical charter boats, hosting 10 people on a boat of the same lenght, can transform a holiday into a nightmare, while on board of Time Out you will be cuddled in the respect of your privacy, with a careful and scrupulous service.
We will pay attention to your requests: from possible food intolerances, to the desire to accompany your meal with champagne or fine wines from the best wineries.
As we are the real Time Out’s ship-owners, we care about every single detail of safety on the sea, which is unfortunately not the case with many other charter boats. We prefer sailing, therefore no noise, no pollution and for passionate people, also tailored basic lessons.


We love the sea and our desire is to convey that particular atmosphere you can enjoy during a sailing holiday to our friends: natural harbours with unpayable sunsets, dinners around the cockpit with tasty traditional dishes, made with love and with home-made products. Every day a different bay, looking at the land from the sea, and sailing powered by the most environmentally-friendly and silent power on earth: wind.

We are going to cuddle you since breakfast, letting you taste home made products that she patiently prepared during the months on land: apricots, blueberries, oranges jam and marmalades. Not to mention aperitifs with artichokes in oil, caper’ fruits or tuna canapés, or digestive liquors flavoured with tangerine or lemon.

You will also find out a wide range of wines, suitable for every occasion, from white wines from Etna to red ones like Nerello mascalese or Nero d’Avola. And for those who like it sparkling? No problem, Italian or French.

This is the reason why with us you will be able to just think about relaxing after many months of work, because although it is a holiday on a sailing boat, we will be looking after you in every moment of the day, soothed by waves and caressed by wind.

But not only…

Our boat is supervised in every minimum detail, especially as far as safety is concerned. Usually with charter boats you must check in for equipment and the hull, and often the state of the keel is not looked after (as a diver will be needed), so it can happen that coming back and checking out, you could find damages caused by previous charterers and, which is not rare, that the deposit left when chartering is therefore kept.

Well, with us you are going to waste not even a second of your precious time, because we guarantee the perfect integrity of equipment and hull. It is an aspect that is often underestimated when booking on the several websites offering sailing holidays, but believe us, it is of fundamental importance.

Not to mention the list for provisions, which is not aimed at just meals: often it’s necessary to think about accessories and stock of oil, salt, sugar, flavourings, toothpicks, garbage bags and the list could be infinite. And if the closest supermarket is 2 or 3 kms from mooring, carrying water, wine or 10 shopping bags in boiling hot sun, it’s not exactly relaxing… With us you are not going to have this kind of concerns.

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